Waiter (Episode 7049)
Occupation Waiter
First appearance 8th April 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Peter Hunt

The unnamed Waiter was employed at an upmarket restaurant in Weatherfield where Peter Barlow took Michelle Connor out for dinner in April 2009, shortly after her split from long-term boyfriend Steve McDonald.

After showing the couple to their table, the waiter asked if he could take a drinks order. Peter ordered a dry white wine for Michelle and a glass of sparkling water for himself. The waiter was left feeling rather awkward as Michelle insisted she too would be happy to drink water with Peter explaining to him that he was an alcoholic.

The date didn't work out at all well as all Peter wanted to talk about was his drink problem and had pangs of guilt that he wasn't visiting son Simon at the hospital that evening. Clock-watching and evidently not enjoying the food, Peter summoned the waiter over to clear the table and to promptly get him the bill.

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