Waiter Phil Banyard
First appearance 2nd July 1980
Last appearance 8th February 1982
Number of appearances 2
Played by Phil Banyard

The unnamed Waiter worked at the “Ristorante Roma” when Mike Baldwin escorted Hilda Ogden there for an evening in July 1980 when she won a day with him as the prize in a charity raffle.

The Italian man brought the two champagne cocktails and escorted them to their table. He also told Hilda that her choice of meal was not available and Mike quickly stepped in to suggest Steak Tornado as an alternative to save her embarrassment of reading the foreign menu. Hilda, taking Mike’s cue to show confidence, asked to read the wine label before the waiter poured.

Just under two years later, he also served Elsie Tanner and Wilf Stockwell when he took her out for a meal. It was never made clear if the restaurant was the same one frequented previously.

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