Waitress 32
First appearance 3rd April 1961
Number of appearances 1
Played by Alison Bayley

The unnamed Waitress served several of the residents when they called into the Lakeside Cafe at Lake Windermere on an Easter Monday trip to the national park in April 1961. She was slow to serve, earning complaints from Martha Longhurst who was sat at a table with Albert Tatlock and Minnie Caldwell, the latter correctly identifying from the way that she walked that the lady suffered from bad feet.

Leonard Swindley and Miss Nugent came in after the others and, much to Martha's annoyance, were served by the waitress almost immediately. She then served a table occupied by Frank and Ida Barlow, Esther Hayes and Florrie Lindley who all ordered plaice and chips after being told in an off-hand way that the chicken was off. She finally got round to the pensioners' table and told a moaning Martha to take her complaints to the management, something that the waitress would welcome as she didn't know how she was able to cope with her feet. Even then, Minnie still hadn't made up her mind what she wanted so the waitress moved on, causing an exasperated Martha to complain even more!

Alison Bayley, who played the part of the waitress had been considered six months previously for the part of Minnie Caldwell and had actually played her in the second of the programme's two Dry Runs but was eventually passed over in favour of Margot Bryant.

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