Wally 2047
Occupation Rubbish tip supervisor
First appearance 12th November 1980
Number of appearances 1
Played by Kevin Lloyd

Wally ran the entrance office to the Slater's Hill Rubbish Tip. Annie Walker had had a run-in with binmen Eddie Yeats and Johnny Webb after they had disclosed from the contents of her own bins that the Rovers' soups were not homemade and that she used a hair colour and reported them to the cleansing department, telling them to send a different crew in future. As a result, all of the bin crews blacklisted the pub. The piles of rubbish started to collect in the back yard and Fred Gee was instructed to take them to the tip himself.

Wally was on duty and was suspicious as to why the rubbish had not been collected and refused to believe the story that the crews had missed them. Wally further questioned Fred as to what the items were, for legal reasons, but Fred tried to avoid a direct answer. Wally suddenly recognised Fred from behind the bar of the Rovers and told him to get on his bike. Fred even tried to bribe him with a couple of free pints but that didn't work. He told Wally that he hoped his missus would run off with the Tally Man (i.e. debt collector) only for Wally to respond that she'd done that already the previous year!

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