Wally randle
Wally Randle
Occupation Businessman
First appearance 16th February 1981
Last appearance 15th April 1981
Number of appearances 10
Played by Mark Eden

Wally Randle was the owner of a slot machine business in Rosamund Street who in February 1981 came to the rescue of Elsie Tanner at Jim's Cafe by stopping a fight breaking out between two customers, Terry and Johnny Webb. Afterwards Wally became friendly with Elsie and took her out a few times. Elsie learned that Wally was divorced and encouraged his attentions, on one occasion thwarting Bet Lynch's attempts to flirt with Wally.

Elsie turned Wally down when he asked if he could lodge with her but she missed him when he was away because of work and when Wally started hinting that he was unhappy with his digs, Elsie invited him to move into 11 Coronation Street. However, on the night after Wally moved in Elsie made a play for him, telling Wally she was pleased he hadn't made a pass at her. Wally was shocked - he saw her simply as a friend and landlady. He moved out that same evening.

The role was played by actor Mark Eden, five years before playing his most famous role of all, Alan Bradley.

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