Walter Byford
Walter Byford
Occupation Pensioner
Died 7th February 1999
Sibling(s) Mabel Byford
First appearance 31st January 1999
Last appearance 7th February 1999
Number of appearances 3
Played by Vincent Worth

Walter Byford was a resident of Weatherfield Vale, the care home where Martin Platt was employed. Martin became concerned about Walter's well-being when he went off his food. He explained that he was worried about his sister, Mabel - who had been placed in Greenside House, situated on the other side of Weatherfield following Walter's stroke.

Although Gerald Lickley, the care home manager was unsympathetic towards Walter's situation, Martin managed to secure a place for him in his sister's home. When Martin went to inform him of the good news, he discovered that Walter had died.

List of appearancesEdit


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