Walter Gilfeather
Walter Gilfeather
Occupation Wholesaler
First appearance 30th September 1970
Last appearance 5th October 1970
Number of appearances 2
Played by Ronald Herdman

Walter Gilfeather was a wholesaler who Billy Walker contacted when Hilda Ogden ran behind with the stock when she was in charge of the Corner Shop in 1970. The Welshman, a representative of Unifoods, arrived at the shop and showed Hilda a few of his bargain lines, but her eye was drawn instead to Walter's special lines and exotic foods and she began ordering large quantities of these while Walter looked on, astonished.

He called back next day, nervous about her purchases and advised her that they were not on a "sale or return" basis and she should try to move them with some free offers. He was relieved when her next order were for some basic baked beans.

Not surprisingly, Hilda's scheme was a disaster as she had to charge extra for the new stock and her offer of a mystery free gift if they spent £1 or more failed to entice customers.

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