Ward Sister (Episode 6219)
Ward Sister
First appearance 1st February 2006
Number of appearances 1
Played by Gillian Waugh

The unnamed Ward Sister was in charge of the Primrose 3 Ward at Weatherfield General in February 2006 when Fred Elliott went to visit Stacy Hilton who had been admitted after being beaten up by Stuart, a violent man that Stacy had befriended while attempting to pull off a final Thai bride scam. Fred had persuaded Rita Sullivan to go to the hospital with him, but when the pair arrived they were surprised to find that Stacy wasn't there.

With Fred anxious to find out where Stacy was, the Ward Sister explained that she was no longer a patient on the ward but because of patient confidentiality, refused to divulge whether or not Stacy had discharged herself. However, when Rita asked how Stacy was in herself - apart from the injuries sustained in the assault, she admitted that Stacy was very jumpy and agitated. The Sister then apologised and would not answer any more of Fred's questions.

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