This Ward Sister was in charge of Ward 5 at Weatherfield General when Gail Tilsley was brought in after a fall in Jim's Cafe whilst pregnant with David.

The sister ran a tight ship but her friendly manner meant that her instructions were obeyed without complaint. In Gail's case, the sister was already familiar with the baby's father Martin Platt due to his job as a hospital porter. Updating Martin and Alma Sedgewick on Gail's condition, the sister told them she was comfortable but needed rest. A while later, Martin managed to get past the sister and visit Gail at her bedside. When the sister caught him, she took his joke about her running a blockade in good humour and allowed him five minutes with her. She was less patient later that day when she caught Martin arguing with Ivy and Don Brennan, causing Gail distress; all three were ejected from the ward.

With Gail on the mend the next morning, the sister told her that she was well enough to get out of bed and sit in the chair. Despite the previous day's events, she spoke highly of Martin, telling Gail that he had made himself indispensable at the hospital and assured Gail - who was worried about the kids - that he could cope at home.