Warren coates
Warren Coates
Occupation Brewery Tenant’s Executive
First appearance 26th November 1975
Last appearance 3rd December 1975
Number of appearances 3
Played by Peter Settelen

Warren Coates was the young, well-spoken and self-assured Tenant’s Executive at Newton & Ridley when Annie Walker was hospitalised soon after the Rovers was broken into by Neil Foxall and Les Grimes. Upon hearing the news that Annie was ill but still not knowing about the break-in, Warren visited the pub to see Billy Walker and enquire after his mother but Betty Turpin let slip that he no longer lived there. This was news to the brewery as Annie had realised that they wouldn’t be happy about her living there alone and she hadn’t told them of his departure six months previously. Soon afterwards, Warren popped into The Kabin and there heard from Hilda Ogden about the burglary (much to the annoyance of Rita Littlewood who knew what the news would mean to Annie) and he made up his mind that the Rovers was not the place for an elderly woman.

When Annie returned home, Warren visited her with an order that he sugar-coated as much as possible that Annie be transferred to a country pub a few miles outside of Macclesfield. He showed her a picture of the place and spoke of how she could have a new start there while Betty and Bet Lynch could get to know their new landlord once he was installed. Annie retained her perfect manners but refused the “request” and when Warren, who was starting to lose his nerve when subjected to her well-known demeanour, spoke of a need for discipline within the licencees, she excused herself and rang the brewery. There she spoke to old friend and managing director Douglas Cresswell who in turn spoke with Coates and ordered him brusquely to cancel his plan. Warren left the pub, somewhat shaken and Annie, referring to him as such “a sweet boy”, toasted her return and victory with a sherry.

The following year, Annie spoke with Warren to organise the Superbrain pub quiz and Douglas’s son and successor Richard asked him to investigate if Fred Gee was known to Newton & Ridley when employing him as Annie’s new potman, with orders to look after her as Annie was such a valued friend of the Cresswell family.

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