Watts residence crewe outside

Curly visits his parents in 1988

The Watts residence in Crewe was the home of Arthur and Eunice Watts in 1988. The semi-detached property lay in a typical suburban street.

Because of the distance from Weatherfield, the Watts didn't see much of their son Curly; when he visited in March 1988, it was the first time he'd seen his parents since he started college the year before. Curly had gone there to take his old mattress to his new lodgings at 15a Coronation Street, the Corner Shop flat, but Eunice refused to let him take it when she discovered he would be "living under the brush" with Shirley Armitage.

The exterior and interior scenes of the house were recorded on location. The house number, 57, is visible when Curly knocks on the front door. The house appeared in Episode 2818 (30th March 1988).


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