Wayne Fletcher
Wayne Fletcher
Residence 31 Hillside Crescent
Mother Mrs Fletcher
Sibling(s) Sharon Fletcher
First appearance 16th July 1980
Last appearance 4th August 1980
Number of appearances 3
Played by Martin Bacon

Wayne Fletcher and his older sister Sharon were two latch-key kids who lived a couple of doors down from Betty Turpin on Hillside Crescent. She chatted to them when they were playing outside one day and she found out they were shut outside until their mum got home. Upon questioning them, they said they went into bus shelter when it rained. Betty gave them sweets and spoke with her friends about her concerns, saying that she’d not heard of their father for years. She saw them again another day and questioned them as to where their mother was but her boyfriend and the children’s “uncle Reg Sudworth intervened and told Betty to mind her own business. Despite this Betty continued to talk to the children and taught them both to cross the road safely and gave them money for chips when they had none, telling them to go to Jackson's Chip Shop as they would get a battered sausage as well and to go and play in Albert Park. She finally reported the matter to the N.S.P.C.C. but this brought round Reg to Coronation Street where he threatened Betty but he was seen off by Mike Baldwin and Eddie Yeats who told him what happened to child abusers in prison. This scared Reg off and he immediately packed his bags and moved out of Hillside Crescent. Mrs Fletcher turned on Betty, telling her any man at home was better than none and shouted at her to mind her own business from now onwards.

Real-life brother and sister Wendy and Martin Bacon played the Fletcher children.

List of appearancesEdit


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