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Coronation Street is set in Weatherfield, in the postcode area of M10, a fictional local authority area in
Town center

Weatherfield town centre.


The town has its own newspaper - The Weatherfield Gazette and its own General Hospital, while its council has included more than one resident of Coronation Street.

Streets around Weatherfield include Coronation Street, Rosamund Street, Viaduct Street, and Victoria Street. There have been many changes to Weatherfield in the years after the Second World War. In 1968 Missions, factories and terraced houses were being demolished to make way for blocks of maisonettes or flats. The docksides by the canal were converted into luxury apartments and named Weatherfield Quays.


A 1975 artists' impression of Weatherfield. There are many errors in terms of established programme continuity such as Victoria Street not backing onto Coronation Street and Jubilee Terrace not continuing on the far side of the viaduct from the Street.


Granada is very strong on creating as authentic a background for the street as possible basing it on real Manchester data. All the telephone numbers begin 0161 and the River Irwell is said to run through Weatherfield.

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