Weatherfield & county building society

1991: Curly confronts his rival Adrian Gosthorpe

The Weatherfield & County Building Society, in the heart of Weatherfield, was an institution where Adrian Gosthorpe was employed as mortgage manager. In 1991, Curly Watts started a feud with Adrian after Curly's fiancée Kimberley Taylor broke their engagement and got together with Adrian, with the building society serving as their battleground on two occasions.

After following Kimberley from Bettabuy when she went to meet Adrian and finding out that he worked at the building society from a female colleague, Curly arranged a meeting with Adrian by posing as a potential house buyer, and accused him of stealing Kimberley. Adrian hit back by admonishing him for constantly pressuring Kimberley to sleep with him and threatening to have security remove him from the building. A week later, Curly returned for round two, confronting Adrian with a woman's magazine containing a letter apparently written by Kimberley complaining about her boyfriend using her for sex. Curly's loud threats and animated gestures caused a nearby colleague, Wanda, to think he was trying to rob them and press the silent alarm. Having detained Curly for a few minutes, Adrian got to have the last laugh by watching him escorted out of the building by police, even though no charges were pressed.

The building society interior was seen in Episode 3181 (30th January 1991) and Episode 3185 (8th February 1991). The outside appeared in Episode 3180 (28th January 1991). These scenes were shot at an unknown location.


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