Weatherfield Plastics were local manufacturing firm who went bust in October 1973. Shortly before this event, Fairclough and Langton had done some building work for them installing new hand basins and putting up tile and billed them the sum of £2000 for the job. Len Fairclough and Ray Langton tried to contact the firm's management to collect the money but they proved evasive. Getting impatient, they went along themselves to the firm's site but found the workers all locked out as the firm had declared themselves insolvent that morning.

A total of £40,000 was owing to creditors however as the Builder's Yard had invoiced the firm this attracted VAT at the standard rate of 10% and subsequently the yard owed £204.60 in unpaid VAT to Customs and Excise - even though Weatherfield Plastics had not paid for the work. Len railed at the injustice of having to pay tax on sums not yet received but VAT Man David Spencer pointed out that that was the law and he had no option but to pay up. Len and Ray refused and found themselves in court in November 1973 with a threat of prison hanging over them but the case was adjourned when Jerry Booth, panicking over the loss of his livelihood, paid the outstanding VAT. A furious Len wasn't grateful but when everyone else turned on him for being obstinate, he left the area for several weeks, leaving Jerry and Deirdre Hunt to keep the firm going.

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