The Websters are a family who have lived in Coronation Street since 1983 when Kevin Webster moved to Weatherfield and his sister Debbie and father Bill later joined him. Kevin has been married three times since living there; his first marriage being to Sally Seddon in 1986. They had two girls, Rosie and Sophie but in 1999 they divorced because both Kevin and Sally had been unfaithful. Kevin married again in 2000 to Alison Wakefield they had a son Jake but he died shortly after his birth due to a Group B Strep infection and because of the stress of losing the child Alison threw herself under a lorry. Kevin was devastated. In 2002 Kevin finally convinced Sally to marry him again she accepted and they remarried in December that year. In 2010 Kevin became a father again, this time to baby Jack whose mother was Molly Dobbs. When Sally found out that Kevin was the father she kicked him out the house but Sally let him move back him when he had an accident at the garage.

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