Websters autos

Webster's Autocentre (previously Websters' Auto Centre) is a garage which is currently owned by Kevin Webster and Tyrone Dobbs. In 2005Tommy Harris was murdered in the garage by his daughter, who later committed suicide. In 2008Tony Gordon was desperate to buy the garage and was manipulating Kevin's daughter Rosie to help him buy the place. Kevin then realised that he was losing clients because of Jimmy Dockerson, Tony's henchman. When Kevin was declared bankrupt in 2010, his friend and colleague Tyrone Dobbs agreed to buy into the business.

In July 2015 Kevin bought a second garage on Stanley Street from an old acquaintance called Vince. By the October Kevin was getting overwhelmed with the amount of work that both premises were providing and Sophie Webster suggested he sell them and consolidate into one site, finding one for him under the arches on Viaduct Street.




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