Inspector 48
Weights and Measures Inspector
First appearance 29th May 1961
Number of appearances 1
Played by Raymond Mason

The unnamed Weights and Measures Inspector, together with his assistant George, called into the Corner Shop in May 1961 to check Florrie Lindley's scales. Putting one of their own weights on to it they both agreed that it was two ounces out of adjustment and that Florrie was giving that amount short in every pound that she sold. Linda Cheveski had just bought some bacon and the Inspector asked to retain the purchase to check it, promising that it would given back to her if she could call in later.

When Florrie contested the result, George fetched their own scales from the back of the two men's Morris Minor Traveller, avidly watched by Ena Sharples from across the street. They re-weighed the bacon on them and pointed out that it came in at just over seven ounces but had been sold for half a pound. The Inspector pointed out that the screw on the scales to balance them must have been adjusted at which point Florrie got angry, saying that her customers were her friends and neighbours and that she would never cheat them.

Florrie was looking after Lucille Hewitt that day and she came out of the back to see what was going on. It was George who spotted her absent-mindedly re-twisting the screws and everyone realised what must have happened. Lucille admitted that an hour before she had done the same and, as Ena listened with interest in the background, the Inspector said he still had to put in a report but he would make sure that it contained all the facts and he took Lucille's name and address. The two men left, giving a warning to re-set the scales correctly.

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