Wendy 8817
Occupation Bar Manager
First appearance 15th January 2016
Number of appearances 1
Played by Kaya Brady

Wendy was the manager of the upmarket No.16 Chambers bar in Manchester who unwittingly had employed Jamie Bowman while he was on bail, pending a trial on a charge of posting private and sexual images online of Steph Britton. Her brother Luke, and boyfriend Andy Carver, still livid at Steph's treatment went to the bar to enact their own form of revenge. Jamie had got the job at the bar after being recommended and vouched for by his co-worker and old school friend Lee. When Luke and Andy told Wendy about her new employee's dubious past she was livid with both of her staff for their actions and fired them on the spot, telling Keith the doorman to escort them from the premises.

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