Wendy Clements
Wendy Clements
Occupation Solicitor
First appearance 2nd April 2003
Last appearance 19th May 2003
Number of appearances 4
Played by Sarah Kirkman

Wendy Clements was Les Battersby's solicitor when he was charged with assaulting a police officer in April 2003. When his estranged wife Janice began a relationship with PC Mick Hopwood in December 2002, Les was angry and jealous as he was continuously hoping for a reconciliation with her. At every opportunity, he goaded the couple and while Janice was able to shrug off his insults, Mick's skin wasn't so thick and Les's jibes started to get to him. Out on traffic patrol with fellow copper Emma Watts one day, they stopped Les when he drove through a red light in his Street Cars taxi. Les immediately complained of victimisation and when he stated that Janice had been with so many men that he was surprised that Mick hadn't caught something, the policeman set about viciously assaulting him. Emma was stunned by Mick's actions but he quickly circumvented her by claiming Les started the altercation and quickly read Les his rights i.e. formally arresting him, before Emma could stop him. Back-up was called and Les was taken away. After a night in the cells, Les was interviewed by DS Major in the presence of his solicitor Wendy Clements. Emma and Mick and synchronised their written statements by this time and Les's protests of innocence were ignored. He was bailed to appear in Weatherfield Crown Court at a later date.

A couple of weeks later, Wendy joined Les when he met barrister John Rivers who warned him to say as little in court as possible and not to bring up any personal vendetta he had with Mick. She later accompanied him to his court appearance on 19th May when Les totally failed to keep his answers as short as possible and, allied to Mick and Emma's lies, was found guilty and sentenced to six months in jail.

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