Wendy Rolands
Wendy Rolands
Occupation Nanny
First appearance 1st March 2004
Number of appearances 1
Played by Victoria Fleming

Wendy Rolands was a candidate for the post of nanny replacing Claire Casey who had been offered a post by rich Imogen Stamford in Florida, an offer she was tempted to take as employer Ashley Peacock, although obviously attracted to her, wouldn't make a move, despite much encouragement from those around the couple.

Wendy was a carbon copy of Claire, down the hairstyle and clothing and, proving the old adage of "Likes repel, opposites attract" to be true, Claire listening in to the interview from another room, disliked the young girl intensely. She interjected with comments about Joshua Peacock's likes and dislikes and was jealous when she saw how well the toddler took to the new person. She let her own hair, tied up in a ponytail like Wendy's, down during the interview and shook it in an attempt to distract Ashley and create at least some difference between her and the other young woman, but neither of them took any notice of her gesture. At the end of the interview, Wendy was offered the job on the spot and she accepted. Later that day though, Ashley realised what he would be missing if Claire left Weatherfield and at last made his move on her. She stayed and Wendy wasn't taken on.

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