The South African-born actor Wensley Pithey (20th January 1914 - 10th November 1993) appeared on Coronation Street intermittently between January 1972 and May 1974 as Wilfred Perkins, the Headmaster of Bessie Street School.

An actor from the age of twelve he emigrated to England after the Second World War. A portly figure, he worked continuously on television and was the first actor to portray 'Friar Tuck' on British television. Guest roles followed in Dixon of Dock Green, Callan, Howards Way, Lipstick on your Collar and many other programmes. He played recurring characters in Jacks and Knaves, Call the Gun Expert, and Special Branch (alongside Fulton Mackay).

For over a decade he appeared in German adverts for Tchibo Coffee.

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