What Would Kirk Do? is an online spin-off of Coronation Street. The first of five episodes was made available on the official Coronation Street website from 12th December, 2014 and a new instalment was uploaded at roughly weekly intervals until 9th January 2015. The spin-off featured Kirk Sutherland and his woes and concerns as he fretted about the part he had to play in his wedding to Beth Tinker which featured in the main programme on the date that the last instalment was uploaded. The episodes were written by Mark Burt and directed by Alan Toner.

Kirk Do 1
Kirk Names

To tie in with the fourth episode ("The Suit"), viewers were also given a chance to download their own "Kirk Doll" complete with wedding outfits of a Scotsman, a Roman soldier, or a Blues Brother (worn in the wedding episodes themselves by Craig Tinker and Chesney Brown) and peruse a list of suggestions as to what their forename would have been two thousand years before and to consult a list of the months of the year to choose a surname linked to the month of their own birth. As Kirk was born in January, his name was therefore "Maximus Drunkenness"

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