Do 2a
The List
ITV release date 22nd December 2014
Writer Mark Burt
Director Alan Toner
Previous episode The Smile
Next episode The Talk

Kirk Sutherland is searching an empty Rovers for something he has dropped on the floor but Eva Price has already found it: a list of the names of girls from the Street written on the back of a beermat. Eva forces Kirk to tell her what it means. He hesitates at first but when she makes him spill the beans, ("We can do this the hard way, or we can do this the Eva way") he admits that it's a list that he and Tyrone Dobbs drew up of "Free Passes" i.e. Girls they would spend the night with if they were allowed by their other halves. Eva is most vexed though to find a certain name missing from the list and asks him, "Where's Eva?"...

Solution 1: Damage LimitationEdit

Do 2b

Kirk stumbles through an answer that they thought she was way out of their league, though Eva isn't convinced, seeing that Carla Connor's name is on the list. Kirk explains that she was Tyrone's pick, whereas his was Julie Carp as she makes him laugh. Eva's sense of outrage increases - she asks if she's as dull as ditchwater? Kirk rushes to tell her that that isn't the case, though she is high maintenance, bossy and has got "that" laugh. He earns himself a pint of dregs over his head for his honesty.

Solution 2: Temptation of KirkEdit

Do 2c

Eva tells Kirk he's forgiven but asks what it takes for her to get on his list. She starts to come on to him, unnerving him to the point where he points out that he's almost a married man. "Almost is the operative word, big boy", she replies, at which point Kirk high-tails it out of the pub.

Solution 3: One NameEdit

Do 2d

Eva tells Kirk that the list is degrading as they are real people with feelings and emotions, although she is forced to agree with him that one of the entries, Tracy Barlow, doesn't fall into that category. Kirk wishes he'd stuck to his first list, which contains only the name of Beth Tinker. Eva is touched by this demonstration of love and allows him out so long as there are no more lists. He assures her there aren't but she produces another she has found - and demands to know why Jason Grimshaw's name is at the top of it...


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