Do 4a
The Suit
ITV release date 5th January 2015
Writer Mark Burt
Director Alan Toner
Previous episode The Talk
Next episode The Wedding Night

Kirk Sutherland is making his decision regarding what outfit to wear for his 1980s-themed wedding to Beth Tinker. He's not entirely happy with the choice purchased from the closing-down costume shop, nor having to display his outfit to Chesney Brown or Sinead Tinker for their judgements but they ask to be looked on as Gok Wan and Gok Two. Chesney is all-impatience to retire to the Rovers but Sinead wants him to take the task seriously. Kirk is ready with his first outfit. As Sinead says, "Let the magic begin"...

Solution 1: Brave KirkEdit

Do 4b

The first choice is supposed to reflect the 1986 film Highlander, described by Kirk as "classic". Chesney is not sure about the accent though, describing it as Dev Alahan after a drink. Unfortunately, the kilt at the back is snagged on the belt and in picking up a dropped coin Kirk unwittingly moons his two shocked fashion consultants. All Sinead can think about now is haggis...

Solution 2: Maximus DrunkenessEdit

Do 4c

Kirk shows his next choice - a Roman legionary, admitting there is no link to the 80s but wanting to get back to male basics. Chesney is delighted, thinking he'll look cool in armour, though an adamant Sinead is insistent that she will not wear an old bedsheet to mimic a Roman matron. Kirk is disappointed as he even had names worked out: he would be "Maximus Drunkeness" and Chesney would be "Julius Breezer". Sinead gets her way though, and also vetoes any idea that the men could come to the wedding in chicken outfits.

Solution 3: The Man in BlackEdit

Do 4d

The final item is displayed for criticism - it's a stylish black suit, though Kirk can't think what connection it would have with the 80s and rejects Sinead's suggestion of a keyboard tie. All that's left from the bag is a Fedora hat and a pair of dark glasses which gives instant inspiration to Chesney and he tells Kirk to don them and look in the mirror. One of The Blues Brothers is staring back at him. Sinead asks the obvious though: weren't there two brothers? Chesney hugs Kirk - "Now and always".



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