Do 5a
The Wedding Night
ITV release date 9th January 2015
Writer Mark Burt
Director Alan Toner
Previous episode The Suit
Next episode None

The wedding and the ensuing celebrations over, Mr Kirk Sutherland and Mrs Beth Sutherland are settling into their bridal suite at the Cholmondley Manor Park Hotel where Carla Connor booked them in. Both are impressed by the fixtures and fittings including extra towels "as posh folk must have different bits or summit..." as well as candles and numerous pillows. As Kirk pours the champagne and puts on the Lionel Richie CD, Beth prepares herself in her specially-bought leopardskin nightie and makes her special entrance from the bathroom...

Solution 1: The PoemEdit

Do 5b

Beth is eager to show her love in the way she knows best but Kirk stops her as he has another way and tells his delighted bride that he has written her a poem:

I made it through the wilderness,
Somehow I made it through,
Didn't know how lost I was,
Until I found you.
You give me a lifetime of promises,
And a world of dreams.
They say in heaven 'love comes first',
We'll make heaven a place on earth.

Beth is touched and impressed and knows that the words come from his heart.The lights are switched off...

Solution 2: Wake Up CallEdit

Do 5c

Kirk has fallen fast asleep while Beth prepares her toilet and snores gently. She takes the moment to tenderly tell her unconscious husband that she loves him, that he has given her the best day of her life and also something else she never thought possible - a proper future. However she's also determined not to go without on her wedding night and chucks the contents of the champagne ice bucket over him to rise him to his senses.

Solution 3: Romance InteruptusEdit

Do 5d

The mood music is on, the lights are dimmed and the newlyweds settle for the night. As they snuggle down into the bedsheets, Beth yells out in pain - she has rolled over onto the single red rose that Kirk placed in there. That item discarded, their night of romance is interrupted again by a call on Kirk's mobile from Tyrone Dobbs which Beth meaningfully suggests shouldn't be answered. Suddenly the hotel fire alarms ring out and a hotel employee knocks on the door telling them to evacuate. Beth does suggest to Kirk though that he should put a dressing gown over his centurion's outfit before leaving the room...



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