Kylie 2012
Where's Kylie?
Release date 11th May 2012
Writer John Kerr
Director Noreen Kershaw
BBFC rating
Running time 3 minutes, 30 seconds
Format Online/Broadcast

Where's Kylie? was an internet spin-off from Coronation Street which was released on the ITV website for the programme on Friday 11th May 2012.

Within the narrative of the main programme, Kylie Platt had walked out on her husband David in April 2012 taking her son Max with her. She was due to reappear on 17th May when David and his half-brother Nick Tilsley attended Britney's, a lap dancing bar where Kylie was employed. Although David failed to spot his missing wife there, Nick would and in the course of events persuade her to return to David. This spin-off gave viewers a short glimpse of how Kylie ended up in the bar.


Kylie Platt is finding it hard to find employment while she stays with her friend Donna. Donna still doesn't know why Kylie and David split up and she is given the run-down of the events that culminated in Audrey Roberts' heart attack for which she was blamed. David has been constantly ringing Kylie on her mobile but she refuses to answer the calls, hurt that someone she thought really cared for her didn't take her side in the constant family arguments. Donna, who needs money from Kylie for her keep, points out that Kylie has nothing but £20 to her name and she can't find work, not even in a pound shop. Kylie resolves to get a job and after looking longingly at a picture of Max on her phone, swallows her pride and gets a job at Britney's, a lap-dancing bar.



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