Wilf Morton
Born 23rd October 1935
Children Jerry Morton (1957)
First appearance 29th January 2007
Last appearance 5th October 2007
Number of appearances 22
Played by Rodney Litchfield

Wilfred "Wilf" Morton was head of the Morton family and appeared in 2007.

Wilf arrived in Coronation Street with his granddaughter, Jodie. He called Dev Alahan "chief", which Dev took to be a racist comment. However, Jodie explained that Wilf was not good with names and that this was simply his method of addressing people informally. Wilf was an ex-jailbird with an extensive criminal record, mostly off the back of his tendency to take part in a quick scam - a trait that many members of his family had inherited. On discovering granddaughter Mel's plans to join the police, he claimed it was like "being stabbed". However, despite his former misdemeanours, Wilf held his family dear; realising that his past record may affect Mel (or "Melanie", as he insisted on calling her) and her application to join the Police Force. Wilf "faked" his death on Father's Day, 2007, submitting a false obituary to the Gazette. This action led to Blanche Hunt and Deirdre Barlow believing he was, indeed, dead - with the former arranging her own wake (despite still being very much alive) as a result. Wilf's intentions towards Blanche were not made known; while the two often bickered, Blanche was genuinely shocked when she believed Wilf to be dead, and Wilf had made several flirtatious comments towards Mrs. Hunt.

List of appearancesEdit


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