Occupation Works at Freshco
First appearance 16th June 2011
Last appearance 25th December 2011
Number of appearances 11
Played by Chris Brazier

Will is a friend and ex-colleague of Izzy Armstrong. Will and Izzy met up several times in June 2011 but her boyfriend Gary Windass became jealous and screened her calls before pretending Izzy was out when he called round at the flat. Izzy was later furious with Gary when she found out.

Will later bumped into Izzy in the Rovers in December 2011 when he accompanied their friend Mandy on her hen night at the pub, apparently to make sure they kept out of trouble. Izzy and Will continued to meet up and Will helped her father Owen fix his pond. However, Gary became jealous when he saw Will with Izzy.

Will came over to the Windass house for Christmas dinner, and later in the pub he told Izzy that he would like them to start a relationship, but she turned him down although they remained friends. Gary saw this as an opportunity to mend his relationship with Izzy and they were reconciled.

List of appearancesEdit


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