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Will Chatterton
Will Chatterton
First appearance 28th March 2016
Last appearance 6th June 2016
Number of appearances 16
Played by Leon Ockenden

Will Chatterton was the ex-boyfriend of Michelle Connor from when they were both in their early teenage years.

In March 2016, Will's fiancée Saskia Larson hired Michelle to plan their wedding. Michelle was surprised to see Will again after so long and the pair were left to plan the wedding alone after Saskia went away on business and with Michelle's husband Steve McDonald away in Spain. Michelle, feeling abandoned, quickly developed feelings for her ex.

Steve's mother Liz became suspicious that Will and Michelle were having an affair, noticing the somewhat romantic meals they were having. Michelle tried to avoid Will by getting Sean Tully to plan the wedding for her, but with Steve's continued absence and Will also developing feelings, it became increasingly difficult for her to deny her feelings for him.

Michelle went round to Will's house one night and after kissing passionately, they went upstairs for sex but Michelle refused at the last minute, thinking of her marriage to Steve. Will later told Michelle that he had broken up with Saskia for her, but by this point, Michelle knew that Steve was the one she wanted and refused to continue her affair with Will.

Over a month later, Will arrived at the Rovers and was greeted by Michelle's stepdaughter Amy Barlow. Amy deduced that something suspicious had been going on after overhearing a conversation between Sean and Michelle. Amy blackmailed Michelle over her affair with Will. A few days later, Saskia barged into the pub with Will and told Steve of the affair but Steve subsequently told them both to leave.

Later that day, Will arrived at Steve's workplace, Street Cars, to tell him that Michelle backed out before the affair became serious. However, Steve sent his friend and colleague Tim Metcalfe to wrestle with Will, as Steve's arm was in a sling, so he was unable to do it himself.

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