William (Episode 6942)
William Matkin
Occupation Property magnate
First appearance 7th November 2008
Number of appearances 1
Played by Ian Curley

William Matkin was a property magnate who was interested in purchasing four properties at Victoria Court - a project in which Tony Gordon was a major investor.

Tony and his accountant, Giles, met up with Matkin who was extremely impressed with the apartments although, in his words, they were "a bit overpriced." Giles pointed out that he had already been offered a good deal which included an unspecified discount. Matkin was ready to agree to the purchase - less another 10%. Tony was insulted by the offer and Giles, still eager to see his client's monetary situation improve, suggested an extra 5% discount could be negotiated, which was again dismissed by Tony. Matkin told the two men that his offer would stay on the table until the close of business that day, but Tony refused to budge stating that he wasn't that desperate to sell.

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