William Moore (born Birmingham 19th April, 1915 - 24th April, 2000) played Cyril Turpin on Coronation Street from 1969 to 1970, reappearing for two shorts stints in 1972 before his character died off-screen in 1974. He began his working career as an art student, commercial artist and then an engineering draftsman before turning to his real ambition of acting. He had previously appeared as Mr. Wigglesworth in 1966 and also appeared with his future "screen-wife" Betty Driver in the Street spin-off Pardon the Expression in 1966. The year after he appeared in the next spin-off, Turn out the Lights.

His other credits include Dad's Army, The Sweeney, Emmerdale Farm, Sorry! and Kavanagh QC. William also a television scriptwriter with the series Under New Management to his credit. He was the husband of Mollie Sugden who played pub landlady Nellie Harvey on the programme intermittently between 1965 and 1976.

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