Willy murtough
Willy Murtough
Occupation Taxi driver
First appearance 15th June 1988
Number of appearances 1
Played by Andrew Hay

Willy Murtough was a friend of Don Brennan's from Weatherfield Cabs. In June 1988, Willy had the thankless job of driving home an inebriated Jack Duckworth from Don's Stag night. Jack was so drunk that he couldn't remember where he lived - Willy remarked that Jack had him half-way to Bury at one point - and when he finally did get home, he left a carrier bag containing his wedding suit in the taxi.

A few days after the wedding, Willy called into the Rovers to return the suit. Over a large tomato juice with a good treacle of Worcester sauce and a shake of pepper, Willy told Jack that his language in the car had made him blush, and he'd spent twelve years at sea with the merchant navy. Although pleasant to Jack, Willy asked him to give someone else a call next time he was going home from boozing.

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