The unnamed Wine Rep called by appointment at Nick's Bistro in April 2015 to allow Nick Tilsley to sample his wares and make an order. At Bethany Platt's stirring prompt, Nick invited Carla Connor along and the two found the salesman's patter and outrageous descriptions of the wine's tastes to be amusing. One of them was "Daffodils and Wet Leather" which Carla confessed she was unable to experience herself and a jealous Nick was not entirely happy when the rep "assisted" her by enclosing his hands around hers and gently swilling round the contents of the glass. While he took a call from his head office, Carla and Nick mimicked his descriptions with Carla liking the Rovers plonk to "luke-warm linoleum with a hint of hotpot". When the rep returned, a tiddly Carla asked him how a wine could be "chewy" when it was in liquid form. He replied that two things he knew about were women and wine, at which point Nick hastily ended the meeting, though an order was put in.