Winifred hepplewhite
Winifred Hepplewhite
Residence Weatherfield
First appearance 24th December 1969
Number of appearances 1
Played by Betty England

Winifred Hepplewhite was one of Annie Walker's socialite friends who inadvertently caused a stir in December 1969 after lending Annie her prized necklace so that Annie could wear it at a Lady Victuallers social function. The following day, Winifred paid an inpromptu visit to the Rovers Return to retrieve the necklace, but as Annie was absent at the time, Winifred was aided by barmaid Emily Nugent. Unfortunately, neither woman thought to inform Annie of this, and Annie subsequently accused cleaner Hilda Ogden and barmaid Betty Turpin of stealing it, causing the pair to walk out. On Christmas Eve, Winifred told Annie that she would be stopping by the Rovers, leading a panicked Annie to assume that she was coming to retrieve the necklace, when in fact she was only coming to exchange seasonal greetings. Annie was surprised to learn the truth but tried not to appear annoyed in front of Winifred.

In December 1971, Annie and Winifred went to a poetry evening at The Flat Iron.

The character was credited as Mrs. Hepplewhite. Her first name was given in dialogue in Episode 939.

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