The unnamed Witness Support Worker was on duty at Weatherfield Crown Court in October 2014 during the trial of Peter Barlow for the murder of Tina McIntyre.

Among the witnesses expected to be called was Norris Cole who practiced his vocal skills and saw himself as something of a star witness during the proceedings. He wasn't due to be called until Roy Cropper, Leanne Tilsley, Steve McDonald and Mary Taylor had been on the stand but on the second day of the trial the Prosecution Barrister admitted that his evidence would only repeat the latter's and the support worker consequently called Carla Barlow instead. Norris was outraged when he was told he wasn’t needed, claiming he had important evidence to impart, and was flabbergasted when the unsmiling worker showed Carla out to the court room and ignored his by-now incoherent protestations.

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