Woman (Episode 6577)
First appearance 15th June 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Helen Rutter

Having finally been persuaded to venture out of the house following a fire which had been started deliberately at the property during the previous month, Claire Peacock was heading to The Kabin with Joshua to buy him a comic and spotted the Woman leaving the newsagents from across the Street. Believing that it was Casey Carswell, Claire shouted to Kevin Webster and told him to grab her - as she was the one who set fire to her house - although it was a case of mistaken identity. In the meantime, a stranded Joshua had wandered off into the middle of the Street and directly in the path of an oncoming taxi. However, Lloyd Mullaney slammed on the brakes and narrowly avoided running the child over. A furious Ashley scooped Joshua into his arms, demanded that his wife went home and told her that Casey's name was never to be mentioned again.

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