Woman 8704
First appearance 10th August 2015
Last appearance 10th August 2015
Number of appearances 2
Played by Stephanie Bishop

The unnamed Woman was in a party eating in Nick's Bistro shortly after Robert Preston began his trial period there as the chef. Both she and the gay lad she was set next to were taken with Robert's good looks when he came out of the kitchens to tell Leanne Tilsley that she was incorrectly giving out the weekend menus. The woman asked if Robert was the laid-on entertainment and when he said he was the chef the lad commented that that meant you got a decent breakfast in the morning!

After the meal the two approached Robert with two questions: the lad asked if he was straight (and lost his bet with the woman as a result) and she asked if he was single but, for the benefit of a listening Tracy Barlow, Robert said that technically he was but his heart belonged to another.

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