Woman 1 (Episode 8250)
First appearance 4th November 2013
Number of appearances 1
Played by Denice Hope

The unnamed Woman along with her friend Janet were among a party of ten females who (without a reservation) descended on Nick's Bistro one night in November 2013.

Having explained how they were originally booked into a place on Balaclava Terrace, the group had just found that the establishment had been closed down due to health and safety reasons. Assistant manager Leanne Tilsley showed her to a table that would cater for the group, and she asked Janet to go outside and tell their driver to park the minibus and promptly ordered a "Long Island Iced Tea".

It transpired that the woman was celebrating her divorce, which had just been finalised (after enduring twenty-two miserable years of marriage) and she proceeded to order champagne all round. The noise coming from their table began to affect proprietor Nick Tilsley as the evening wore on, but the rest of the staff rallied round. Although they encountered a small mix-up with a food order, the women continued drinking cocktails and bottles of wine.

They all headed away in high spirits and after she'd paid the bill in full, the woman thanked the Bistro staff and stated that they'd had a "top night".

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