Woman Bystander
Occupation Pensioner
First appearance 20th July 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Olivia Jardith

The unnamed Woman Bystander was an old dear who in July 2003 waited outside St. Christopher's Church where Peter Barlow and Shelley Unwin were getting married in happy anticipation of seeing the newly married couple, even though they were complete strangers to her, leave the church for their photographs. One person also there who knew the groom very well was Lucy Barlow who had married Peter herself four months previously. The marriage had lasted only a day or so until Lucy found that he was still seeing Shelley and threw him out. Unable to get a divorce for a year, Peter kept quiet and married again, hoping no one would find out. The old lady started chatting to Lucy who had just been to register the birth of hers and Peter's son Simon and suggested she wait and watch with her. Lucy happily agreed but the baby had other ideas and started crying loudly. Lucy changed her plans and took him home, just missing the sight of her husband leaving the church with his new, illegal bride.

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