Woman at flats
Woman at Flats
Residence St. Mary's Place
First appearance 23rd November 1988
Number of appearances 1
Played by Carol Berlyne

The Woman at Flats was neighbour of Mike Baldwin at St. Mary's Place in 1988. When she saw Terry Duckworth outside Mike's garage trying to remove a graffitied "stay away from my wife" message sprawled along the side of Mike's Jaguar, the nosy woman commented that she was surprised Mike had got away with it for so long in view of all the comings and goings at his flat. Although she commented that she knew Mike, the woman was quick to add that she wasn't one of the aforementioned comings and goings. With time running out to have the car ready for Mike's return from London, the woman's words gave Terry the idea to let Mike think the warning was for him, when actually it was by Colin Pritchard and aimed at Terry, as he had taken Colin's wife Kathy out in the Jag the night before.

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