Woman at meeting
Woman at Meeting
First appearance 2nd May 2001
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jacqueline Carroll

The unnamed Woman was one of the members of the public who attended an election meeting in May 2001 when candidates Audrey Roberts and her opponent Desmond Worthing were supposed to debate local issues. However Audrey had just heard from her best friend Alma Halliwell that she might have cancer and her mind wasn't on the task in hand. She made a lacklustre speech and then invited questions from the floor. The woman asked why there weren't more policemen on the beat with specific reference to the rape of Toyah Battersby the previous week. Audrey had reached the end of the tether and, claiming illness, walked out of the meeting leaving her campaign manager, Curly Watts, to field the questions. He did such a good job that the suggestion was soon made that he become a candidate himself, which after some thought, he agreed to. He was successfully voted in later the same month.

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