Woman in shop 2315
Woman in Chip Shop
First appearance 8th June 1983
Number of appearances 1
Played by Gwyneth Fleetwood

The unnamed Woman found herself in a legal altercation when she called into Crabtree's Chip Shop in June 1983. Archie Crabtree had died a few weeks before and his sister Hilda Ogden expected to inherit as his only kith and kin but counter assistant Avril Carter claimed she had been Archie's mistress and the shop was hers. Eddie Yeats told Hilda that his fellow binmen had never seen Archie and Avril together but they had seen Frank Beasley, another employee at the shop, leaving her flat in the small hours. Hilda was telling Avril of this evidence prompting an allegation of slander and Avril made it clear to the hapless woman that she would be a witness. The lady, who only wanted a steak pudding with gravy, wasn't pleased to be involved in the matter.

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