Workman sidney livingstone
Occupation Stone cladding workman
First appearance 15th February 1989
Last appearance 20th February 1989
Number of appearances 2
Played by Sidney Livingstone

The obnoxious Workman employed by Mills Bros was in charge of the erection of 9 Coronation Street's stone cladding in February 1989. Arriving late for the 8.00am appointment, the man found an irate Vera Duckworth waiting at the doorway. Unapologetic for his tardiness, the workman managed to silence Vera by offering to take her up on her threat of cancelling the job.

As the men got to work on No.9, the curiosity of the neighbours was aroused. First in line was Percy Sugden, who questioned the man on what sort of work they were doing at the house. The man remained tight-lipped, instead joking to Percy that the Duckworths had deathwatch beetle. Later, as the stone cladding took shape, the workman noticed Emily Bishop looking at it and tried to interest her in having it done to 3 Coronation Street, promising it would put a few hundred on the house value, Failing to interest her, the man remarked to Jack Duckworth that some people have no taste.

With the work nearing completion, the workman had another exchange with Percy Sugden, this time with the pensioner complaining about the loud music from the wireless, dismissing it as cacophony. The man claimed that it helped with the work and refused to turn it down. Chided by Percy on not having more respect when the residents had just been informed of Brian Tilsley's death, the man told Percy to push off or there would be another bereavement.

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