Young Lad 2045
Young Lad
First appearance 5th November 1980
Number of appearances 1
Played by Ian Drew

The unnamed Young Lad and his friend travelled the street on 5th November 1980 collecting for a penny for the guy. Eddie Yeats brought them into the Rovers, against the protests of Fred Gee and they collected from the customers while Annie Walker was in the back. Eddie sent them into the Snug promising that that was where the millionaires hung out - Albert Tatlock and his friend Monty Shawcross were in there. Monty put some money in the box but Albert protested that it was too early. When Eddie pointed out it was Bonfire Night that evening, Albert told them it was too late! Eddie got the lads to thank their "Uncle Fred" for allowing them in which they did. He forgot his curmudgeonly attitude and put a coin in the box. The lad looked at it with derision and asked if that was all he could afford!

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