Youth 8332
First appearance 28th February 2014
Number of appearances 1
Played by Daniel Paul

The unnamed Youth attempted a bag snatch from pensioner Maureen Rothwell when she was waiting for a bus after a night at the bingo in February 2014. Also at the bus stop were Beth and Sinead Tinker who likewise had attended the bingo hall but, unlike Maureen who had been counting her notes before she had left, they had not had a successful night.

The youth scrambled for the large bag just as Beth had taken off her boot as it was rubbing her foot and she instantly tackled the miscreant. Grappling him to a wall, she used the boot to beat him round the head until he dropped the bag and ran off, muttering comments about her sanity.

Beth was hailed as a heroine by Maureen, Sinead and, later on in the Rovers to a bored audience of regulars, herself.

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