Yvonne chappell
Yvonne Chappell
Occupation Hotel receptionist
First appearance 8th February 1971
Last appearance 27th October 1971
Number of appearances 11
Played by Alex Marshall

Yvonne Chappell was a hotel receptionist who fell for Ken Barlow. Yvonne tried to draw Ken out of his shell when he stayed at the Baytree Hotel after Valerie Barlow's death. He eventually opened up and told her about his wife's death but said he didn't feel grief-stricken.

Seven months later, Yvonne went with Ken when he took twins Peter and Susan to Blackpool. By coincidence, Dave Smith and Minnie Caldwell were at the seaside town at the same time, as Dave had taken Minnie there on her birthday. Dave and Minnie saw Yvonne with the Barlows and passed the news on to the neighbours in the Street that Ken had found himself a new woman.

Having been married before and left with bad memories, Yvonne went steady with Ken for a while. This gave her time to question Ken about his relationship with Val, as his recent bereavement had left her concerned that he was looking for a substitute for his late wife. Ken denied this was so but by his own admission he was looking to marry so that the twins would have a mother. He made the situation worse by proposing to Yvonne on a day out at the canal, telling her that if he saw Val when he looked at her it was because he was remembering how good his marriage was. Yvonne told Ken that she liked him but that transplants failed more often than they worked. They didn't see each other again.

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