Yvonne McClure
Yvonne McClure
Occupation Doveridge Hall Wedding Coordinator
First appearance 6th February 2004
Number of appearances 1
Played by Deborah Chad

When Steve McDonald called in at the Doveridge Hall hotel with the seating plan for his forthcoming wedding to Karen, the receptionist was unable to find any record of the booking in their computer system and called Yvonne McClure, the wedding coordinator for the establishment. She produced a letter they had received from Karen cancelling all the arrangements.

Steve protested that the signature on the letter didn’t match Karen’s handwriting but to no avail. Ms McClure told him that as far as she was concerned she had a bone fide letter of cancellation and the event, due to take place in one week, was off as they had already rebooked the facilities for someone else.

Steve easily worked out that the culprit was Tracy Barlow who had previously rocked him by telling him that he was the father of her unborn baby and that she wanted him to leave Karen and marry her instead. When he spurned her advances, Tracy had set about ruining his wedding to Karen. However, he managed to save the day by rescheduling the event at the hugely expensive Walcot Manor, Karen’s original choice.

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