Zoe 8783
First appearance 27th November 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Amy Cameron

Zoe was a girlfriend of Jamie Bowman. He had previously had a relationship with Steph Britton during which time she'd allowed to take unclothed pictures of her. When they'd broken up, Jamie had kept the photographs and, deeply in debt, used them to blackmail Steph's brother Luke into taking part in illegal and dangerous speed car racing. The ruse worked for a time but eventually Steph called his bluff and Jamie carried out his threat.

Luke and Steph's new boyfriend, Andy Carver, tracked Jamie down to his old watering hole, the Bridge Inn, where he was playing pool with Zoe and two other friends. Andy punched the nonchalant lad in the face and a shocked Zoe demanded to know what was going on. When Andy told her what he beau had done, she poured a pint over Jamie's head and walked out on him.

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