Zoe Tattersall 1998
Zoe Tattersall
Born 13th September 1981
Children Shannon Tattersall (1997)
First appearance 19th May 1997
Last appearance 16th December 1998
Duration 1997-1998
Number of appearances 126
Played by Joanne Froggatt

Zoe Tattersall was the pregnant girlfriend of Liam Shepherd. She later turned up on the Mallett's doorstep, after being abandoned by Liam. Judy took her in - with thoughts of adopting the baby but Gary sent her to the Social Services. She later came to the arcade and Judy took her back in, agreeing to buy baby Katie for £2,000. Zoe began a relationship with Ashley Peacock and moved in with him at 4 Coronation Street along with Nick and Leanne Tilsley. She struggled with living opposite her daughter and eventually took her back, renaming her Shannon. She was devastated when she lost Shannon to meningitis and whilst grieving she was recruited by a religious cult, the Etheric Foundation. Despite Ashley's protestations, she left Coronation Street to live with the cult.


"Leave it alone, Liam" (First line)

"Goodbye." (Last line whilst hugging Ashley)

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